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view the Library Planned Irregular Service Counter Hours & the Library News (if any) inside the Announcement box on the left 

Special borrowing arrangement will be offered to the ALS part time students who cannot reach the Library before closing, please inform us for the arrangement before 18:00 (regular hours) using the Form above inside the Forms tab.

Library Card Holders can login to person a/c retrieving the services detail related to borrowed items, EBSCO databases access Login & Password (applicability of outside the ALS), searching & borrowing history, changing their own login password (still knowing the current p/w), reporting not on shelf collection, etc..

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first 4 digits from your register email plus first 4 no. from your register telephone no. generally (password can be changed after login)

If you have any problem(s) on login, please capture the screen & send screen(s) to us via electronic methods. Contact information is located at the left bottom for your any enquiries

登入欄:一般情況下為您在圖書館登記之電郵首4位字元以及電話號首4位數字, 而密碼欄之資料與登入欄相同,密碼可在登入後修改。


登入栏:一般情况下为您在图书馆登记之电邮首4位字元以及电话号首4位数字, 而密码栏之资料与登入栏相同,密码可在登入后修改。